Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Still crazy after all these years

I can't believe that I haven't written anything for such a long time. Well so many changes have happened on and to the rock since my last missive it's difficult to know where to start but lets kick off with the helicopter, or should I say lack of it! True to it's word the service finally stopped at the end of October and I don't care what anyone says it IS a great loss. There is still talk of something setting up in it's place and I for one hope that it does. I certainly don't want to knock Skybus or the Steamship Company but there are many times during the winter when the helicopter was the only link to the mainland. As I write this is the second day that I have been trying to get to the mainland on business, High winds yesterday, the airfield at Lands End waterlogged and wind from the wrong direction today means that I am sitting at the computer writing this rather than getting on with what I need to do in Truro and Penzance. Oh well this is what you have to put up with when you live on a rock in the Atlantic.
Mick Jagger wants to visit this rock! Or so he said on the One Show last Friday. Well Mick I can assure you that you would be very welcome and I hope that it won't be too long before we see you here. I'm sure he knows that he will find the best accommodation on www.come2scilly.com I expect he is browsing the website as I write. I tell you what, it would be great to see Mick doing a set with Terry Ward and the Steamband. Send me an email Mick tim@come2scilly.com and I'll arrange the gig for you.
The One Show has been very good to the islands recently, not only did they promote the islands with Mick Jagger on Friday but on Monday s show (26/11/12) they had their pet photographer do a 5 minute slot on his photographic visit to the islands earlier in the year. Actually it was a very nice little piece and showed the islands in a very good light. Thanks to The One Show.
Staying on the TV theme, I met Ed and Shane from the Cornwall Channel earlier in the year and they are producing work that is being shown on Channel 212 on Sky on a Monday evening at 9pm. They are mainly publicising Cornwall but they want to include the islands as well. They have kindly loaned me their spare camera and I am taking some bits of film that I hope will also be shown in their programme on Monday evenings. At least it will be if I can get my head around the software that is needed to download it to the web. I expect I need a handy 2 year old, they seem to be able to handle all this technology pretty well.

Still no flying at the moment but I need to make some phone calls now, I will pen some more when I am back on the rock. In the meanwhile if you are thinking that you would like to have Christmas on the islands go back to our website www.come2scilly.com and contact us, we have some great properties for you to stay in.                                                                                          tg

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer at last

Like most of the country we have been waiting for the jet stream to lift above the southwest and bring some good weather to the islands. Well here it is, we have had 3 days of unbroken blue sky and sunshine, just what the doctor ordered. Nicky and spent a very pleasant couple of hours on St. Martins with Julia Walder on Sunday, it was lovely to have a chat with her parents Derek & Gladys Perkins as well. In fact it was a very pleasant afternoon in a very beautiful place so I'll share a view with you.

You could be here enjoying yourselves and taking in views like these while you are chilling out and becoming human again.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

What a day!

For the first time in quite a while I woke up this morning to total silence and when I looked out of the window the water in the harbour was completely flat without even a ripple. Sadly by the time I had got out of the shower and dressed a couple of boats had crossed the harbour and the water wasn't quite the mirror that it had been but never the less it was still a fantastic sight. When I walked to the quay there were only two people also out walking but it was really warm in the sunshine and the light was fantastic.

This is the first day of Art Scilly Week so I hope that the weather stays like this for some of the week at least. Certainly it will encourage more people to partake in the wide variety of activities that are available this week. So lets hope you all enjoy it and make sure that you put this week in your calendar for 2013.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Island Up-date

We are getting ready for the World Gig Championships now and looking forward to the influx of visitors that it always brings. There have been a lot of talks about it being moved to the mainland over the last few years but hopefully it is here to stay for sometime yet. The islands are the home of the Gigs and I know that many rowers, I hasten to that I am not one, feel that the social aspect of the championships could not be replicated on the mainland where many rowers would simply go home after their races and not stay for the 'Apres-row'. Anyway putting all that on one side the week after next will see the islands full of lycra clad bodies enjoying their sport and, we hope, enjoying the islands as well.

Soon after the festivities of the Gigs we have Art Scilly. This week has become more popular as the years have gone on and now is very popular with visitors and locals alike. This year Art Scilly runs from the 12th to the 19th of May and is packed with interesting opportunities for you to develop your individual artistic skills. With workshops across the islands in Printmaking, Silver Jewellery, Sketching, Creative writing, Water Colour Painting, Glass making, Photography, Felt making, Pottery and many other creative skill this is a week in the islands calendar not to be missed.
Go back to our availability page to check for accommodation for this week

If anyone needs more information about island events just give us a call on 01720 423 523 and if we don't know the information we will find it out and let you know.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

April Showers

Well you have to say that this month has lived up to it's reputation, April Showers. It has been like this for the last couple of weeks, we started earlier in the year with wall to wall sunshine and it was quite warm. April comes along and we are plunged back into a showery stream of weather that seems to be sticking with us for a few days yet. All of a sudden the sun will come out and we will leave the winter blues behind us and start looking forward to the summer and some warm summer weather.  I know it's not PC to talk about the weather too much but the current warmth and showers is great for the potatoes that we have growing in our plot. The trouble is that it also makes the grass and the weeds grow equally as well and that means a lot of extra work for us all. Never mind all this means that it won't be long before we will be eating the fruits of our labour, beautiful, home grown new potatoes with lots of fresh mint and butter. What could be better!!!!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Another Day in Paradise

Easter has passed and we are now looking forward to the rest of the season. Although it has been a little quieter than normal those of you who did come had some quite reasonable weather and all in all it has been pretty good. It is great to see new businesses starting with a flourish and that has certainly happened at 'Spiro' (what was The Boat Shed). Amelia and Richard Mills took over the restaurant earlier this year and renamed it after the racing yacht that the shed was built to house. Lots of very good reports coming from visitors and guests about the food and the service which is really good news. We are going to have an evening there next week so I'll report back again later.
We are all waiting for the butchers to re-open in May. Interestingly it is Amelia's brother in law who is starting this business so we wish him every success in, what is, a vital requirement for the island.
The great thing  about all these new enterprises starting is that they are being run by young people who are putting all there youth and vitality into a new venture. It is these types of business that bring drive and energy to the islands and are our future so whether you live here, or are one of our welcome visitors, do go and support these new ventures and help them build the future of Scilly.                      tg

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Island Life and the opposite!

We are back on the islands now and I reckon that I picked up the bug, that has laid me flat for the last few days, on the mainland...I'm blaming you lot anyhow. We are pretty busy now getting ready for the season and things were going quite well until first thing on Saturday morning when I was just leaving the house and was told that one of our local lads, Louis Hicks, had been found dead. I knew Louis from the time I first came to the islands as he quickly became a close friend of my stepson Matthew and the 2 of them, both typical boys, were very happy creating mayhem. Not too bad really just boys. Louis was one of the nicest and most pleasant young men you could have wished to meet but he was a loveable rogue with a glint in his eye that will be really missed here on the islands.
It's always really difficult for everyone in a small community when something like this happens. Difficult for the young friends who grew up together and can't understand, and difficult for the oldies who just think 'what a waste' of a young life. However these things happen, happen they do and life moves on, so must we all but this 'oldie' will remember that young life lived to the full.     tg

Thursday, 16 February 2012

On the mainland

Well here we are in St Ives for a day then we head to North Devon for a couple of days before legging it back to the islands to start the season. We still have some vacancies for the season and our new properties give you the opportunity to get on the ladder in really great locations for future years. Do contact us with any requirements that you might have for the season and we will do our best to fit you into a property that will suit your needs. tg

Sunday, 5 February 2012

5 Great NEW properties with vacancies this year.

It's great to start the new year with some new properties on our books. This year we have some 3 properties that are made for larger groups and those larger family get togethers that can give lasting memories of a holiday spent with family and friends.

Newman House is a family home that exudes Scillonian history. Situated on the lower reaches of the Garrison it sleeps 7 and is just a stones throw from the waters edge. No you don't need to worry about Global Warming, just take in the great views across St. Mary's Roads to the off islands and enjoy the history of a building that started life in 1718. Lots of Autumn availability.

Christmas House is another great Garrison property. Situated higher up on the other side of the Garrison this house sleeps 10 and is also a fabulous property. With a large garden and lots of space for children to explore and let off steam this property is really popular with families. A short walk from Christmas House is the beach of Little Porth which nestles up to the Garrison at the end of Porthcressa. The gentle sloping sand runs into the azure blue of the water and is ideal for little ones to play and swim.

Castinicks sits at the top of the quiet cul de sac of Rams Valley in Hugh Town just a short flat walk from the towns amenities and the quay. This is the first year that this property has been let and the owners have totally renovated the house over this winter. Sleeping 8 this property will really appeal to the larger family groups or clubs that are coming over to the islands for diving, photography, bell ringing, painting, history or birdwatching holiday breaks. This property will be very popular so early booking is very much advised.

Trenoweth Farm Cottage. It is quite difficult to get accommodation 'up country' on St Mary's and we are really pleased to be able to let this property that sits in the little hamlet of Trenoweth. Linked to the flower farm for which it gains its name this cottage sleeps 4 and is everything a country cottage should be. An AGA range (there is an electric cooker as well) and wood burning stove add to the style of this lovely cottage and help to make it a really cosy dwelling for those out of season holidays. Fabulous walks through pine woods and down to the coast and beaches on the East and North of St Mary's tempt you to linger and forget about the rest of the world.

Well Lane Cottage is another new property that is just coming onto the letting market. This little oasis in the centre of Hugh Town is missed by so many people but is only a stones throw from the quay and all the amenities that Hugh Town has to offer. With it's own garden in a central location and sleeping 5, this lovely, historic, fully modernised cottage will be very popular so early booking to get on that ladder is a must.

As with all of our properties there will be full external and internal pictures as soon as they are available, also there will be a walk through video which so many of you say is a real help in picking the right holiday cottage for your visit to the islands. Don't forget we personally select all of our properties and we live here on St. Mary's ready to give hands on assistance to discuss your holiday requirements. We promise if we can't answer a question you have on any of our properties then we will get you a satisfactory answer before you are asked to book. It is very important to us that you enjoy your visit to our islands.                                                                                                                              tg

Friday, 13 January 2012

Clear Scillonian Skys

The last couple of nights, after the moon has set, we have had the most fantastically clear skys. I have been out with the camera to try and capture views of the island at night. I thought you might like to see a view from Peninnis that was taken on Wednesday evening (11/01/2012). It required a 30 second exposure and a quick flash of the car lights to illuminate the grazing cattle, the light pollution at the bottom left of the picture actually comes from Sennen on the mainland. It just goes to show how clear the air is at the moment.  tg