Thursday, 29 December 2011

The home for All Seasons that is part of Scillonian History

We have just been asked to market a property that, quite frankly, is just what the Isles of Scilly is all about. Newman House is situated below the Garrison next to the Charles' Battery and facing Bryher and Tresco. This property, that was built in 1718 as the Garrison storehouse, sleeps 7/11 and is ideal for larger family get togethers, film crews, groups of divers, photographers, artists, birdwatchers or any large gathering that will appreciate this period property that is a family home. With an electric Aga style cooker, that is the centre of the home, the house is centrally heated using night storage heaters and making it ideal for those out of season breaks that allow you to participate in a different side of Scilly.
This property is available for longer lets during the Winter months which makes it a terrific base for indulging in the creative arts such as writing, painting, photography, birdwatching,  or simply soaking up island life while watching the continually changing seascape.
Spring, Summer and Autumn each shed their individual light on Newman. Just walk from the front door across the old battery garden to the rocky foreshore that overlooks St Mary's Roads and the exhilarating views will stay with you for a lifetime....Scilly at its very best! Between March and October on clear evenings, stunning sunsets will make the perfect end to your day, particularly when the evening is warm enough to barbecue in the garden.
Newman House is a family home, and as such is filled with family and island history that will add and extend the enjoyment of your island holiday. With Garrison walks on your doorstep and only a short walk of the quay and all the amenities of Hugh Town we feel sure that this holiday home will tick all the boxes.
For more information on this very special property or to discuss a longer Winter Break please call Tim or Nicky on 01720 423 523

Monday, 19 December 2011

Some Christmas Spirit

Well it's that time of year again when we all get stressed and worry about the amount of money that we haven't got and whether the Co op will have just what we MUST have to make our Christmas perfect. Actually I like this time of year, I know you can't believe it 'cause I'm usually moaning about it, because we have quite a few simple get togethers just to spend time with friends and family. Last weekend was the widow's lunch and carol service at the Masonic Lodge, a great occasion when we remember past friends and enjoy a little sing song and a lunch that is supplied by each of us bringing a contribution to the feast.
Last night was the Carol Service in the Methodist Chapel which is always a well attended family gathering, tonight is the Rotary Club Christmas do at the Golf Club and on Saturday night is the Midnight Mass which for me is the real start of Christmas. In this ever changing world where the Co op will be displaying Easter Eggs in 10 days time it is nice to take stock and make the most of the simple pleasures with family and friends. I thought I would share with you the view from our back gate, how lucky we are.  tg

Reflections, St Mary's harbour

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Great early and late deals

We have some great deals in Holy Vale for early and late breaks. North and South Tinks are fully equipped  for those out of season breaks and are located in one of the most beautiful and peaceful parts of the islands. With lovely walks in the country and to the coast you can really appreciate the islands at a time of the year when you can claim Scilly for yourself.

North Tinks

South Tinks

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What Grim Weather!

Today has been the breeziest for some time. We woke up this morning to white water across the harbour entrance and the jet boat from St Martin's really struggling to get across to St Mary's. In fact it had to cross the ledges and head up towards Tresco channel until it could come across down weather and come in behind the Bacon Ledge. I was going out to take some pictures to show you but there is so much salt in the air at present I really don't want to take my camera gear out. It looks as though we won't get the Gry Maritha coming to the islands this week because the forecast is pretty bad and at present the wave height at the Sevenstones Lightship is almost 18ft with 40 knots of wind from the west. Not a good day for boating!! Never mind Christmas is almost upon us and it is not un usual to get a bit of a blow at this time of the year but we hope it will let the freighter get here next week or we could be calling for a drop of food parcels. The Co op is looking increasingly bare, except for the alcohol. At least we can raise a glass for the New Year.

I did manage to get a quick snap on my phone when I was walking the dog but the wind was so strong that it was very to hold the phone still enough so it is a bit blurred. The salt in the air was really stinging my face 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The 2012 Holiday Season

Well it's December now and we are nearly into the new year and I wonder just what 2012 will bring.
Of course we all hope that it will be fruitful but life is getting increasingly more difficult and the employment situation is not getting any better, so what can we expect. I hear you all saying "No a Lot" but surely people will still want to take a break, even if it is a short one. Yes the islands are an expensive destination, they always will be, by the very nature of their size and location they cannot be a cheap option but it has to be said that our regular visitors like it that way. When I was involved in various 'feed back' meetings after the Destination Marketing Survey that took place over last winter the visitors that attended all said, without exception, please don't make it cheap to get here we like the exclusivity of the islands. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment in their feedback I do know that travel costs do play a major part in the choice of Scilly as a holiday destination but perhaps not as much as we perceive here on the islands. However what I can say is that we all want to feel valued and perhaps that should be the mindset for the coming season. Lets ensure that we all value our visitors more, that we really put their wants and desires to the forefront of our day and make sure that when they leave the islands, at the end of their stay, they leave with nothing but positive thoughts about all the aspects that the islands have to offer, feeling that their hard earned shilling was really valued by everyone that they came into contact with. That is the best marketing I know and the best way to maintain business when times are tough.
Have a look at the Scilly moon, letting us reflect on the forthcoming challenges and the values that we can put on them.


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Promotion for Scilly in the Telegraph

Scilly got a good write-up from Robin Page in his Country Diary slot in last Saturdays (Nov 19th 2011) Telegraph. Robin, who is a regular visitor to the islands, expounded on the joys of visiting the islands in different seasons and the particular wildlife that can be observed here on Scilly. It's always good to get the extra publicity and we will look forward to seeing Robin and his wife Lulu on the islands again next Spring. Thanks Robin.