Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What Grim Weather!

Today has been the breeziest for some time. We woke up this morning to white water across the harbour entrance and the jet boat from St Martin's really struggling to get across to St Mary's. In fact it had to cross the ledges and head up towards Tresco channel until it could come across down weather and come in behind the Bacon Ledge. I was going out to take some pictures to show you but there is so much salt in the air at present I really don't want to take my camera gear out. It looks as though we won't get the Gry Maritha coming to the islands this week because the forecast is pretty bad and at present the wave height at the Sevenstones Lightship is almost 18ft with 40 knots of wind from the west. Not a good day for boating!! Never mind Christmas is almost upon us and it is not un usual to get a bit of a blow at this time of the year but we hope it will let the freighter get here next week or we could be calling for a drop of food parcels. The Co op is looking increasingly bare, except for the alcohol. At least we can raise a glass for the New Year.

I did manage to get a quick snap on my phone when I was walking the dog but the wind was so strong that it was very to hold the phone still enough so it is a bit blurred. The salt in the air was really stinging my face 

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