Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The 2012 Holiday Season

Well it's December now and we are nearly into the new year and I wonder just what 2012 will bring.
Of course we all hope that it will be fruitful but life is getting increasingly more difficult and the employment situation is not getting any better, so what can we expect. I hear you all saying "No a Lot" but surely people will still want to take a break, even if it is a short one. Yes the islands are an expensive destination, they always will be, by the very nature of their size and location they cannot be a cheap option but it has to be said that our regular visitors like it that way. When I was involved in various 'feed back' meetings after the Destination Marketing Survey that took place over last winter the visitors that attended all said, without exception, please don't make it cheap to get here we like the exclusivity of the islands. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment in their feedback I do know that travel costs do play a major part in the choice of Scilly as a holiday destination but perhaps not as much as we perceive here on the islands. However what I can say is that we all want to feel valued and perhaps that should be the mindset for the coming season. Lets ensure that we all value our visitors more, that we really put their wants and desires to the forefront of our day and make sure that when they leave the islands, at the end of their stay, they leave with nothing but positive thoughts about all the aspects that the islands have to offer, feeling that their hard earned shilling was really valued by everyone that they came into contact with. That is the best marketing I know and the best way to maintain business when times are tough.
Have a look at the Scilly moon, letting us reflect on the forthcoming challenges and the values that we can put on them.


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