Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Island Life and the opposite!

We are back on the islands now and I reckon that I picked up the bug, that has laid me flat for the last few days, on the mainland...I'm blaming you lot anyhow. We are pretty busy now getting ready for the season and things were going quite well until first thing on Saturday morning when I was just leaving the house and was told that one of our local lads, Louis Hicks, had been found dead. I knew Louis from the time I first came to the islands as he quickly became a close friend of my stepson Matthew and the 2 of them, both typical boys, were very happy creating mayhem. Not too bad really just boys. Louis was one of the nicest and most pleasant young men you could have wished to meet but he was a loveable rogue with a glint in his eye that will be really missed here on the islands.
It's always really difficult for everyone in a small community when something like this happens. Difficult for the young friends who grew up together and can't understand, and difficult for the oldies who just think 'what a waste' of a young life. However these things happen, happen they do and life moves on, so must we all but this 'oldie' will remember that young life lived to the full.     tg

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