Saturday, 14 April 2012

Another Day in Paradise

Easter has passed and we are now looking forward to the rest of the season. Although it has been a little quieter than normal those of you who did come had some quite reasonable weather and all in all it has been pretty good. It is great to see new businesses starting with a flourish and that has certainly happened at 'Spiro' (what was The Boat Shed). Amelia and Richard Mills took over the restaurant earlier this year and renamed it after the racing yacht that the shed was built to house. Lots of very good reports coming from visitors and guests about the food and the service which is really good news. We are going to have an evening there next week so I'll report back again later.
We are all waiting for the butchers to re-open in May. Interestingly it is Amelia's brother in law who is starting this business so we wish him every success in, what is, a vital requirement for the island.
The great thing  about all these new enterprises starting is that they are being run by young people who are putting all there youth and vitality into a new venture. It is these types of business that bring drive and energy to the islands and are our future so whether you live here, or are one of our welcome visitors, do go and support these new ventures and help them build the future of Scilly.                      tg

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