Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Island Up-date

We are getting ready for the World Gig Championships now and looking forward to the influx of visitors that it always brings. There have been a lot of talks about it being moved to the mainland over the last few years but hopefully it is here to stay for sometime yet. The islands are the home of the Gigs and I know that many rowers, I hasten to that I am not one, feel that the social aspect of the championships could not be replicated on the mainland where many rowers would simply go home after their races and not stay for the 'Apres-row'. Anyway putting all that on one side the week after next will see the islands full of lycra clad bodies enjoying their sport and, we hope, enjoying the islands as well.

Soon after the festivities of the Gigs we have Art Scilly. This week has become more popular as the years have gone on and now is very popular with visitors and locals alike. This year Art Scilly runs from the 12th to the 19th of May and is packed with interesting opportunities for you to develop your individual artistic skills. With workshops across the islands in Printmaking, Silver Jewellery, Sketching, Creative writing, Water Colour Painting, Glass making, Photography, Felt making, Pottery and many other creative skill this is a week in the islands calendar not to be missed.
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If anyone needs more information about island events just give us a call on 01720 423 523 and if we don't know the information we will find it out and let you know.


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