Saturday, 21 April 2012

April Showers

Well you have to say that this month has lived up to it's reputation, April Showers. It has been like this for the last couple of weeks, we started earlier in the year with wall to wall sunshine and it was quite warm. April comes along and we are plunged back into a showery stream of weather that seems to be sticking with us for a few days yet. All of a sudden the sun will come out and we will leave the winter blues behind us and start looking forward to the summer and some warm summer weather.  I know it's not PC to talk about the weather too much but the current warmth and showers is great for the potatoes that we have growing in our plot. The trouble is that it also makes the grass and the weeds grow equally as well and that means a lot of extra work for us all. Never mind all this means that it won't be long before we will be eating the fruits of our labour, beautiful, home grown new potatoes with lots of fresh mint and butter. What could be better!!!!

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