Saturday, 17 August 2013

Getting to Scilly

Since we found out, last year, that Easy Jet wouild be flying to Newquay from Southend this summer we have been promoting this excellent service. We currently have some visitors who have used this service and left home on Thursday morning at 5am and were sitting in there property at 10am on Scilly. It has to be said that they will have a 3 hour wait at Newquay International on their return journey next Tuesday but that was only because the flight from Scilly that they wanted was full. Just think of it NO hassle and you at your holiday property in no time at all and believe it or not but with clever pre booking you can get return flights for 2 from Southend via Easy Jet and Skybus £12 cheaper than return flights for 2 from Exeter. What could be better you, could be sitting watching this view of the Eastern Isles in just 5 hours!!

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