Saturday, 6 July 2013


Well here it is at last!! To say that we have been 'waiting for sometime' is a bit of an understatement but the gin clear blue skies have arrived at last and the islands are stunning. It is great to walk out of our front door and see happy and contented faces really enjoying everything that Scilly has to offer.
We have some interesting boats on the moorings at the moment and my next door neighbour is about to get the main mast back on his yacht after several years of refurbishment so he will back on the ocean blue shortly.
We have had a slow start to the season this year and I guess that the loss of the helicopter is being felt but the Steamship Company are doing their best to step up to the plate. There is still some vague hope that a new helicopter service will be started but unless it is linked to a separate core business it is likely to have a very expensive ticket price. We keep fingers crossed.
Anyway back to the matter in hand...the islands. This is how they were looking earlier, how can you go wrong...see what you are missing.                 tg

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